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  Aizu Clan Samurai

Aikijutsu survived mainly in secret until the nineteenth century, adding to its legend as a devastating fighting system. It was passed down from father to son for many generations, especially within the Aizu clan until the fall of the Shogunate in 1868. It was not until the nineteenth century that aikijutsu was brought into the public light, due mainly to the efforts and exploits of Sokaku Takeda. Takeda was taught a form of aikijutsu called Daitoryu by the last surviving minister of the Aizu clan, Tanomo Saigo. Takeda eventually began teaching aikijutsu to anyone (who qualified). Some of his students went on to become distinguished masters in their own right. Young Sool Choi, a Korean, reportedly studied under Takeda and later brought the art back to Korea where he modified it into the modern art of Hapkido. Another of Takeda's students, Morihei Ueshiba, studied extensively and later founded the modern art of Aikido. Today, there are countless styles of these spin-off arts as well as various styles of aikijutsu.

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Sokaku Takeda (1859-1943) Tanomo Saigo (1829-1905) Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)