24 | 06 | 2018


The Meiyo Soku No Shodan (Honorary Shodan) rank is used to signify that a student has progressed through the mudansha, but for some reason is not ready to take the rank of shodan and that of a teacher. An honorary shodan is a member of the yudansha, and therefore they are bowed to as they enter and leave the dojo, but they are not privileged to wear hakama. This rank is rarely used. The philosophy of the SAA is that every student who wears a black belt is a teacher through their example to others; therefore nearly all black belts are also qualified as instructors. However, this rank is used under the following two circumstances:

  1. For students who do not reach age requirements (15 yrs old) for shodan, or their teacher does not feel that they are ready to test for such rank.
  2. For students who do not wish to have any sort of teaching position, or have not been chosen as worthy of a teaching position, but do posses the required skills for testing and promotion.