24 | 06 | 2018

What does aikijutsu mean?
Answer:  Martial art of blending energy. 

What does shindoryu mean?
Answer: School of the new way.

Who are your sempai?

Who is your shihan?

Who is your sensei?

When was aikijutsu founded?
Answer: Circa 1185 A.D. in Japan.

Who was its probable founder?
Answer: Minamoto Yoshimitsu.

Who is the current soke ?
Answer: There isn't one yet!

What color hakama does a shodan through kudan wear?
Answer: Black or dark blue.

What color hakama does a judan (or the soke) wear?
Answer: White.

What does the Japanese term rei mean?
Answer: To bow.

What is the belt called in Japanese?
Answer: Obi.

What are the three breath meditations?
Answer: Chi no Kokyu (Breath of Earth), Ten no Kokyu (Breath of Heaven), and Jin no Kokyu (Breath of Human Beings).

What is the name of the Hammond dojo, and what does it mean?
Answer: The Asechikan (House of Blood and Sweat).

What is the name of the partner performing a technique?
Answer: Tori.

What is the name of the partner recieving a technique?
Answer: Uke.