24 | 06 | 2018


The uniform is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the martial arts. In Shindoryu Aikijutsu, we wear a white uniform called a gi or dogi. It is a very tough uniform, specifically designed for the rigorous training it will be put through. A student is expected to keep the uniform clean and free of stains or holes.

The uniform also functions to indicate the rank of a student. Those students with a kyu rank (below black belt) wear the gi with a belt, or obi, indicating their rank. Those who hold a dan rank (black belt and above) wear the gi with a pair of black or dark blue skirt-like pants called hakama. Although dan ranks are expected to wear the hakama during any official events, they are allowed to wear the obi instead of the hakama during class. Shihan are, in addition to the gi, allowed to wear a formal black montsuki and striped hakama during formal occasions.

The most common mistake made wearing the gi is to cross the lapels the wrong way. The correct way is to put the left lapel over the right lapel. Check with your teacher on how to properly tie and wear the uniform.