24 | 06 | 2018

Eric Templet

8th Dan  Eric Templet Shihan is the Founder and current President of the Shindoryu Aikijutsu Association. He has been training in the martial arts since age 5, and founded the Shindoryu Aikijutsu Association in 1999. He also holds a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has also studied Tai Chi Ch'uan.


Templet Shihan graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Master's Degree in Kinesiology. He currently teaches KINL 140/141 (marital arts class) for SLU in the Kinesiology and Health Studies department. He plans to continue researching and teaching martial arts at the college level.

Templet Shihan is also an ordained Russian Orthodox priest and serves as Rector of the mission parish of Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Church in Abita Springs, Louisiana.



  • Name: Templet, Eric T.
    • Current Rank: Hachidan (Kyoshi)
    • Current Position: Shihan, President SAA
  • History:
    • 1981: Began studying martial arts
    • 1989: Received shodan in aikijutsu
    • 1994: Graduated from Belaire High School
    • 1995: Started Aikijutsu Club at Southeastern Louisiana University
    • 1996: Dojo cho - Baker Aikijutsu Club
    • 1997: Shihan in Residence - Komichikan Dojo
    • 1998-1999: Shihan in Residence - Takikan Dojo
    • 1999: Received shodan in Tae Kwon Do
    • 1999: Founder and first President of the Shindoryu Aikijutsu Association
    • 2000: Received B.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University
    • 2000: Promoted to rokudan
    • 2000: Wrote Aikijutsu: the New Way
    • 2001: Accepted instructor position at Southeastern Louisiana University
    • 2001: Recieved M.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University & began teaching Aikijutsu as a credited class at the university.
    • 2003: Enlisted in U.S. Navy Reserve
    • 2004: Wrote: Theoretical Foundations of Shindoryu Aikijutsu
    • 2005: Promoted to Shichidan
    • 2010: Promoted to Hachidan
    • 2013: Recieved Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from CalUniversity
    • Present: Shihan in residence at Asechikan Dojo.